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We exist to provide nutritious and affordable convenience food products which include canned fish and meat as well as chicken, mushrooms and vegetables to our customers that meet all of their specific needs.

Our Promise to Each Other:

  • We are fully committed to BARS ltd. and we share pride for this company, the products being produced, and the services being provided.
  • We encourage each other to express their views and to do this in a constructive and respectful manner.
  • We pay attention to the ideas of our employees on overall improvement of the company's functioning. We consider the interests of the company itself as well as the interests of its personnel in making decisions.
  • We focus on reaching excellent results while resolving business issues.
  • We set clear goals consistent with the company's strategic plan.
  • We appreciate the value of positive thinking and use common sense in making decisions.
  • We enthusiastically participate in team meetings, and enjoy working with each other.