About company

About company

BARS ltd. is a global manufacturer and marketer of branded convenience food products which include supreme quality canned fish and meat as well as chicken, mushrooms and vegetables.

Owing to the exceptional quality of the products, efficient management policy and appropriate pricing policy BARS occupies a leading position amongst canned food producing companies in Russia.

Numerous diplomas and gold medal awards confirm the supreme quality of BARS, ltd. food products.

However, our pride in our quality products, is nothing compared to our appreciation towards the loyal customers who have come to love our products and brands.

Since 1998 BARS ltd. manufactures branded convenience food products of premium quality. The supreme quality of BARS, ltd. food products is confirmed by our partners as well as by the final consumers.

Company's management believes that in order to provide customers with a wide range of BARS canned foods the variety of products manufactured by the company shall be constantly enriched.

With the help of our staffs' qualified logistics management policy BARS convenience food products are well-known among many customers in the most remote parts of the Russian Federation.

We guarantee high standards in freshness and sanitation through daily biochemical and microbiological tests. This ensures the quality of our foods at all levels of production.

From the moment the raw food comes in to the moment it leaves packaged and sealed, only the finest foods are released from our plant.